Prof. Isa Ali Pantami Ramadan Tafseer Day 2 | 1445H/ 2024G

Prof Isa Ali Pantami 2024 Ramadan Tafseer Day 2

Prof Isa Ali Pantami Ramadan Tafseer Day 2 2024 – Day 2 Tafseer of Prof. Isa Ali Pantami goes about answering some confused questions from listeners, he talks about the problems of marriage divorce, zakat, and the continuation of Day 1 Ali Imran Tafseer.

Day 2 Ramadan Tafseer will purify your heart as a Muslim, a lot to learn from the Qur’an verses of Suratul Al Imran.

Suratul Al Imran Meaning – “Al Imran (Arabic: آل عِمْرَانَ, āl ʿimrān; meaning: The Family of Imran) is the third chapter (sūrah) of the Quran with two hundred verses (āyāt).

  • Cleric Name: Isa Ali Ibrahim Pantami
  • Topic: Ramadan Tafseer Day 2
  • Duration: 1:03:28
  • Date: 12 – 03
  • Year: 2024

Stream Day 2 Tafseer Below;


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